Remembering who you are as a Spiritual Being

At a loss with where to go and what to do? Wondering who you are and feeling disconnected?
Would you like to just sit down and have a nice chat with your Higher Self?
As an Empowerment Coach, Jerry Yusko helps you Reconnect to your True Spiritual Essence so that you can understand how to work with your Higher Self in achieving True Empowerment. This Spiritual Enlightenment sets you back on track with your Soul's Purpose.

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Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Jerry Yusko is a gifted healer with over 30 years of experience in his field. He currently works as an Empowerment Coach to help his clients reconnect to their true spiritual essence. He has found that True Spiritual Empowerment is what ultimately heals the Mind, Body and Soul.
Ever since he was a child, Jerry has been in touch with his gifts and connection with the spiritual realms. He has had many extraordinary out-of-body experiences that have enabled him to heal and awaken others in a profound way.